My Eclipsed Scars & How I Found Christ Part 1

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Life is not a bed of roses and the sooner we come to terms with this reality, the better for us. We’ve also been told by our great motivational speakers and authors that we should let go of the past and it’s baggage that would always keep us stagnant or draw us back if we keep holding on to it. But….
What if the past has refused to let us go? What if the past has
shaped and defined who we are? How do we free ourselves from the unflinching claws of the past as it continues to dig itself into our soul and existence?
The story you are about to read is the  true life story of a lady who stood tall in the face of the storms. She wants her story to be a source of motivation and strength to everyone who reads it. The names of people and places were changed, as requested and as such, bear no direct liking to anyone or place in real life.
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My name is Rita Samson. I was born in Nigeria, the South West to be precise. My family is nuclear, with two boys and a girl. I am the last child of my family. While I was very little, mum and dad moved to Lagos, the famous city in Nigeria known for its large populace and seemingly enormous opportunities. People always migrated into Lagos from other states in Nigeria to seek greener pastures and harness the numerous opportunities there to their advantage. In our case, dad had been transferred to a branch of his office in Lagos so we had to move with him.
I was born into a Catholic home. Mum was a member of the women’s group, The Catholic Women’s Organisation (C.W.O). It was necessary and a thing of honor for every married woman in the Catholic Church to be a part of the C.W.O. 
Dad was always too occupied with “providing our daily bread” and thus, barely had time to go to church, even on Sundays. I and my siblings were really bothered about it or even took notice then as we were always busy with several church engagements. Besides, mum attended church and was known too, so her presence always made up for dad’s absence.
Mr. Samson (my dad) had been transferred to Lagos to manage the new branch of Clemarsup Consultants & Co. It included an increment in his salary and other special benefits so he didn’t hesitate to relocate his family to the new Town.
What I loved the most about the new position and movement was that he always came back home every month with two baskets of goodies and foodstuffs. It was the highlight of our new life as “Lagosians”. Little did I know that my tale of woes was about to begin…..
To be continued….

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