Fasting is truly the Key to expressing the Power of God that is inherent in You as a Believer.

Fasting has taught by a lot of our clergy man as something that must be engaged in; it’s now done even corporately. Yet so much as there is the need for us to fast, there’s more.

Question is: ‘What really is FASTING’?

Many have defined ‘Fasting’ as ‘Abstinence from food’.

In the light of that definition, diverse kinds of ‘Fasts’ have been described.

These diverse fasts include;

1. Moses’ Fast – 40 days without food or water

2. Jesus’ Fast – 40 days without food but not without water (They said he was hungry afterwards, but didn’t say he was thirsty) 🤷

3. Daniel Fast – Strictly Vegetable soup (I don’t know if he added ‘swallow’). I think Fruit-Fast is also included as a subset of this.

4. John The Baptist’ Fast – Eating only Locusts and wild honey. (Yet to see someone on this Fast)

It seems to me like everybody defined his own kind of ‘Fast’.

Since Moses could decide to not eat food or drink water, Jesus could decide to drink water but not eat food, John the Baptist could decide that his own was to eat Locust with wild honey, while Daniel decided to focus on his ‘Swallow’.. Sorry.. I meant ‘Vegetables’;

It simply tells us there are no laid down rules on what to abstain from.

By the way, It is also good to watch your diet, so as to ensure physical fitness. But don’t go doing ‘Keto’ and call it ‘Daniel Fast’! Hahahaha

Looking at all these persons highlighted above, it would seem like they all engaged in diverse kinds of ‘Fasting’.BHowever, on a closer look, you will realize that it was the same ‘Fasting’ that they engaged in.

Yes! Daniel, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus all engaged in the same ‘Fast’!

This is because ‘Fasting’ is not defined by what you looked away from, but rather by what you are looking at.

It is not defined by what you abstained from, but by what you are Beholding!

For instance, lets assume the church makes a declaration, and says ‘Everyone should go on 7 days Fasting’.

Then I decide to do 6am-6pm Fasting. I avoid eating my breakfast and lunch in the name of Fasting.

During that period however, I spend the first 6 hours in whatever hustle I do to make money. Then I get back by 12 noon, spend 3 hours updating my Facebook posts and checking out all my social media platforms.

Then I remember that Arsenal and Man-United have a match starting by 4pm, and spend the next 2 hours watching the match and discussing all kinds of issues around the match.

Then by 5:50pm, I tell my friends to please excuse me, because I need to go and officially ‘Close my Fasting’. I finally return few minutes later and quickly get to the fridge to retrieve my breakfast and lunch which I had carefully stored, while I hustle to catch the next show on Telemundo. 🙈

I am sure many of us can identify with the above.

Sometimes you even feel guilty along the line because you mistakenly drank water. You feel like you have spoiled the Fast!

However, this is not a ‘Fasting unto God’.
It is rather ‘A Fasting unto Facebook and Premier League, or movies’ depending on what you were gazing on , or beholding.

Fasting is Feasting. This is because the eyes, ears and general attention, are ‘Gates’ through which the inward man is accessed.

If the Lord is not the centre of your gaze during a presumed ‘Fast’, then you are at best engaging in a Hunger strike!

When you stay away from food, let it be to facilitate your gazing upon and feasting on the Lord.
It is the GAZE upon Jesus that is the Fasting… Not the abstinence from food.

Now you can understand why I said that Jesus, John, Daniel and Moses all had the same ‘Fast’. Their gaze was centred on one person.

Abstaining from food is a preparation for the ‘Fast’, and can be a by-product of the ‘Fast’..
But it is not the ‘Fast’!

Fasting is Beholding!

Beholding is Feasting!

Fasting is Feasting!!

This implies that someone can be eating food, yet Fasting, like Daniel… While another is abstaining from food, and yet missing the whole purpose.

It was not Moses’ abstinence from food that led to his encounter with the glory of God..
Rather it was his encounter with/in the glory of God that caused him to forget food.

Your abstinence in the physical should be as a result of deep ecstatic feasting in the spiritual.

This… Is… Fasting!

Moses did not say ‘I’m going for 40days fast’…
He was just going to spend time with God.
He got caught up in the cloud, enraptured by the beauty of that which he was gazing on, and the physical realm of time and space got swallowed up by the realm of Glory.

I bet he was a bit shocked when the Israelites told him, ‘Dude.. You’ve been gone 40 days (without food or water)’.

Do you realize that even Jesus did not get hungry till the 40days were over? And it was also after the 40 days that the devil came to tempt him?
Matthew 4:1-3

So what was he doing those 40 days that made him not to be hungry till the period was over?

Fasting therefore involves Prayer, study, worship, meditation, and anything at all that keeps your gaze on the lover of your soul.

It is also not defined by how much ‘Hunger’ you have to overcome, in the name of ‘Subduing your flesh’, when you don’t even create time to Behold the Father.
Dont give yourself Ulcer trying to get what has already been given!

Bottom line, Fasting is relationship. It is ‘Intimacy’.
Fasting is looking away from many women because your gaze is focused on one.

It is abstaining from feasting on other foods because you are filled by your feasting on the bread of life and the wine of his Spirit .

As much as staying with Him can make you forget food, you could also decide that you don’t want food or anything to distract your time spent with Him.
But don’t think that He is responding to you because of the hunger pangs you meted out to yourself.

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.
2 Corinthians 3:18 KJV

The greatest mistake will be to make monuments out of moments, and traditions out of experience.

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