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Today, I’ll be sharing four steps to choosing a good design app for social media irrespective of what you do, where you work or how you do it. Choosing a good design app to give you professional designs is very paramount to being successful especially now that everyone is being conscious of building an efficient personal or business brand.

It’s one of the major factors that determine how your brand looks (The kind of design you use and the app used to achieve your end result).

Its one thing to have a design and the app to use in mind but it’s another thing to know which of those apps will give you what you want. Why should you use that particular app? Continue reading to get four key guidelines or steps to choosing the right apps to deliver the right results.


Steps To Choosing The Right Design App


Gone are the days when anyone who wanted to create any design had to lean solely on the use of Coreldraw/special coding skills before coming up with a design. Technological advancement has made it easy as there are now go-to softwares. Applications that do not require one to have a fore knowledge of graphics before using them.


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How accessible is the app? Without any previous knowledge of graphics designing, would you be able to find your way around it’s? I mean, what is the essence of downloading an app that will still leave you close to completely clueless as to how to use it? It defeats it’s purpose so it’s necessary to note how flexible it is to make use of the app.


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Another thing you would want to be wary of is how fast and smooth the app runs. Now you wouldn’t want to slip into depression as a result of this.


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Will the app make your screen to freeze? How fast does it load it’s design or a project that is being worked on? Does it save the changes made while working or accept those changes? Don’t forget that the kind of  network your service provider renders too determines your speed already.

You wouldn’t want to add the heartache of dealing with the additional struggle that the app will bring. Besides, the time used to wait for a really slow app can be used to do other important things because ‘time is money’.




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Repping quality rather quantity



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Inasmuch as you need a not-too-complex app to work with, you don’t want people to see your designs and conclude that it was done by a four-years. You need an app with professional templates that will represent your brand well even in your absence, when you’re not there to explain anything. Thinking of progressive branding? Think of quality templates.




Social media design apps, Abujagirlsjournal, FOur steps to choosing a good design app for social media


I know that I spoke about quality over quantity, but then, when it comes to choosing good design apps, it’s necessary to consider how multipurposed it is. It should be able to serve several purposes such as allowing you to create logos, letterheads, blog images,Instagram stories, banners for adverts and so on.

It is supposed to be an alternative to native applications like Coreldraw and PowerPoint, remember? At least, for someone with no afore knowledge of designing.


P.s.: Even though canva is the most used graphic design app right now, there are other apps which offer the same or better results. Let me know in the comment section below if you would like me to share with you some go-to design apps.


I hope this has helped you in some way. What other things do you think one should look out for when choosing apps for design purposes?


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