Are you very forgetful? Do you often miss important events because of that or do you just want to be able to process information faster? ⁣⁣

The following habits will help you 👇👇⁣⁣


1) Killing ANTs:

😁 I don’t mean literally. I mean killing those little negative thoughts that crawl into your mind from time to time.

They are called Automatic Negative Thoughts these include self debasing, self-doubting and depressive thoughts.

Kill them to enhance your brain.⁣⁣

2) New Learning:

Learning Something new everyday makes your brain sharper.

When you learn something new, the structure and function of your brain changes to help you process information faster.⁣⁣


3) Great Diet:

A healthy diet is important for brain health. Remember, your gut controls your brain. Healthy fats e.g egg yolk are great for the brain as the brain itself is 60% fats.

4) Exercise:

During exercise a compound called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which is like brain fertilizer is released. ⁣⁣
BDNF helps encourage the growth of your brain cells, it is active in areas vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking.⁣⁣
BDNF is important for long-term memory.⁣⁣

5) Healthy Stress:

Yes, a little stress can be good for you. Short term stressors like a big presentation at work, can contribute to improving your brain.⁣⁣

6) Meditation:

This has been proven to improve focus and concentration and help regulate stress.⁣⁣


7) Gratitude:

Releases feel-good hormones that make you happy, and your brain healthy.⁣⁣


8) Social Connections:

Mind you, I don’t mean social media. I mean real life connections.⁣⁣
Research suggests that having close ties to friends and family, and participating in meaningful social activities, may help people maintain their thinking skills better in later life and slow down cognitive decline.⁣⁣

Which one of these do you practice?

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