MY CURRENT GOSPEL PLAYLIST 2020 – That Keeps Me Sane During The Lockdown

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So today I’m sharing with you guys my current favourite gospel songs. I know that so many of us have so many songs that we listen to including secular songs but whenever I am down, whenever I feel depressed, whenever I feel unhappy or you know, in a mood simply because I’m not used to just being alone by myself all the time; I’m more used to seeing so many human beings around me most of the times.

It has made the effect of the lockdown to hit hard so some of times when I get these feelings, I listen to this songs.

Some of them and worship songs while some are praise songs. They always lift up my spirits and help me pray more, help me feel better and I’ve decided to share it with you so please enjoy all of it and please subscribe to my YouTube channel okay guys.

Please don’t just watch subscribe share the video leave a comment in the comment section let me know what you think. If you have songs that you’re currently listening to and is not on my playlist, please let me know. See my next one.

MY CURRENT GOSPEL PLAYLIST 2020 – That Keeps Me Sane During The Lockdown 👇

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