Excuse Me…..Social Media Begging Is Justified?

Yayyyyy! TGIF!!!!!

Hey guys, am so glad to be writing today. I know its been close to two months since i said i was going to start this personal…(🙍🙍 am ashamed of myself right now), but hey…..I’m here now and that’s what matters, right?

This is officially supposed to be my first actual post and its going to be a little serious..but not too serious too.. (Lolz).

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I’ve been seeing so many beggars and their activities on social media lately and its been sickening so far. You do agree too, right? It has brought so many questions to my mind and I’m yet to get answers to them.

But before that…..(looks seductively), let me…
share my look today with you. It’s a casual Friday look (In Nigeria, I guess…haha). I paired my blue Jean trouser with a tie & dye dashiki-inspired top, and a gold-centred plaited slippers…

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 What do you think…did I nail the look?

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Back to social media beggars, so many people have tried to justify it and say it’s not wrong. Really? I laughed hard at that thought because I still see no reason why anyone would go begging online, except of course, in very rare cases where severe health challenges and death are involved…

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I made more emphasis on this in this video below:

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I’ll be the happiest person on the planet this weekend if you say what you think about these beggars and their activities below in the comment box……

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