My very first lesson of 2018 is that we won’t always have things happen for us the way we want it, when we want it and even how we want it. But the truth still remains that life goes on regardless so all you’ll have to do when things don’t take the desired shape is to dust your feet and butts, and go on…

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You must learn to make lemonades out of those acidic lemons

I’m certainly glad to have you on AGJ again this year, and if its your very first time on the blog, you are most welcomeeeeeeeee! Thanks for starting this journey with me.

Now, I know that you have so many expectations and aspirations already. You know, the things you
want to see in your life and in the life of those around you, and of course, you might have made a mental picture of what and how you’ld want to like at the end of the year. The first thing to bear in mind is that all goals…..I mean…..”all goals” are attainable (with a 100% possibility).


 You only need determination and the courage to look away from distractions no matter where it will emanate from.  You also have to note that there WILL be times when things won’t go as you’ve planned them out, not because there was something wrong with those plans. It’ll be because God has wayyy better plans that you’ve not thought of or agreed with or because HE already knows it end. King Hezekiah in the Bible had plans for his nation but God wanted an early death for him yet because of his righteousness before God, he was kept alive. But that personal decision cost his nation and offspring so much in the long run. So you’ve got to “watch, work and pray”

Now about where I’ve been????

Few weeks after I published this story which was just the first part, I was “jejely” (peacefully) in my house when thieves broke into the house around 2am and took away our phones (my brother and I), laptops, electronics, clothes and money too.

“Don’t even ask me if they had guns or knives because I have no idea how they did it”

Funny right? They literally emptied the house. Trust Nigerian neighbors now……some said that the thieves used charm to make us unconscious. Another group said it definitely had to be someone who knew us very well, while others said it was a certain gas that was sprayed to make us fall asleep. I couldn’t even understand any of the explanations that were being offered because I was in shock. I was supposed to record two new videos for my YouTube Channel and I had gotten inspiration for new posts here which I wanted to work on the next day as well.

I felt like I had lost everything… blog, vlog, readers, friends and so much more. The feeling is worse when you don’t even have a means of replacing any of those items immediately. I had no one to help out even with a Nokia torch phone, I had just rounded up my NYSC and was still looking for a job. And to think that I had just given testimony in church the Sunday before the event took place. “Choi! Devil, you are liar. You can’t take my praise away. “


but guess what dear?

I’m going to bounce back in a bigger and better way this year. “Say Amen, somebody”

So……that is why I haven’t been able to post stuff here, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram as well.

Between, I missed you guys a whole lot and I’m going to do my best to be here for you regardless, until I get my working tools together again.

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What are your expectations  from AGJ this year?

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