Swedish Snus is a tobacco-filled pouch that you consume by putting it under the upper lip. It is a very traditional product in Sweden. The history of Snus in Sweden dates back to the 14th Century and there are more guides and information about snus on SnusDeals.

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To begin, Snus is a type of tobacco or snuff, otherwise known as nicotine in some European countries where it is banned. It is not just tobacco but is mixed with salt and water which is then taken by placing it behind one’s upper lip.

Snus dates back to the 14th century in the West Indies. Columbus and some of his men were gifted some dries by the natives of the island while on a voyage. These natives referred to the dry leaves as highly valuable.

Following this discovery, some Spanish and Portuguese seamen began to transport these leaves into Europe. They started planting the leaves in their backyards. These leaves were later to be used in scientific experiments geared towards finding the cure for cancer and syphilis.

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It wasn’t until the 16th century that snus eventually became widely used in Europe and was given the name ‘Snus’ from snuff in Sweden around 1637.

After a while, people switched to cigars and the request for snus gradually began to decline until it fizzled out of the market.

However, in the 80s, many farmers in Sweden once again began to make their own Snus from their tobacco plantations and used it by placing a pinch of the substance under their lips.

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Moments later, smoking of cigarettes started to pose a health risk to people as a result of which the request for Cigars began to decline again. People began to look for and take Snus again. With this new demand for Snus, it began to gain popularity again until now. Even, though it is still under ban in the EU with the exception of Sweden where sales and use of snuff is still legalized.

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