I had just got back from taking my mum to the hospital for her physiotherapy appointment and ran to drop my phone with Mai charger (people who charge other people’s phone batteries for a few which is usually fixed). I had to make dinner and get on with the heap of other domestic chores that I had to do.

Fast-forward to a few hours later, I went to get my phone and the first message that popped up from WhatsApp was that of this guy asking for an opportunity to ask me a question that had been on his mind. “Okay, shoot. I’m all ears”, I say and he goes…..’why don’t you wear trousers?’. My first instinct now was to laugh yet when I first saw that question, I was transfixed for some seconds and then I found me asking myself why don’t I? How did I get here?! Now that we’re done with the premise to today’s post, I’ll now answer THAT question:


First of all, I must have you know that I am a ‘church girl’ as the beloved people of this millennium like to call it; So yes! I am a worker in church, I engage in intercessory prayers and all that churchy stuff. But is that why I don’t wear trousers? “No, it isn’t. Yet somehow, it has a role to play. Let me break it down for you”.

Growing up as a young girl in Lagos Nigeria precisely, the only type of outfits my parents and guardians bought for me most of the time were trousers, mini skirts, high heels, show back (a slang for outfits that reveal one’s lower back) and I loved putting on trousers in particular because they were super comfortable. I didn’t have to worry about pulling down my skirt or dress because the wind/fan was blowing too much; or being exposed when I try to bend over or jump. It was made in heaven. Haha. I would see other people wear really beautiful gowns and dresses, and look stunning. I admired them and imagined what I would look like in the exact same outfits yet I swore it would never be me. I dare not be caught wearing any of those except on Sundays. “Laugh at me, dear. Don’t hold it back”.

Over 10 years later, I decided to go on a trouser cleanse. “Haha, I don’t know if that’s an actual existing phrase but that’s what I liked to call it”. What that meant was that I was going to stay away from wearing trousers for as long as possible. I wanted to kill that habit or addiction, for lack of better words. I wanted to be sure that I could live without putting them on for a year or more! So I gathered all my trousers, gave some to friends who wanted some particular pieces I had and donated the rest to a motherless babies home in Nyanya, Abuja.

Of course, I cheated once in a while. “Hehehe”. Then I gradually slid back to wearing them regularly. I started shopping for new ones. Then BOOM! I got a recommendation to be employed as a media officer in my church, The Resurrected Assembly. As a worker, we weren’t allowed to wear trousers to church or in our everyday lives. Initially, I didn’t care. My Pastor talked and talked and called me each time to remind me that I wasn’t supposed to wear them as a worker there but I still called his bluff and continued.

On this fateful day, I can’t remember what happened but someone had done something wrong that had to be addressed generally to all workers and staff so a meeting was convened. Our Pastor started by bringing out his old journal and shared the vision of his ministry. Only one part struck me that day.

He had made a covenant with God saying that as long as his ministry existed, any female working with him would not put on troubles. That was it! I had made up my mind to grow under this man’s grace and I couldn’t stay if I didn’t serve in one capacity or the other. So I went back home and gave out all of them. I wasn’t forced to. There are so many who negated this rule yet I chose to abide by it.

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I am of the school of thought that trouser is not a sin. Abuse of it’s wear and the intent of one’s heart for wearing it is what defines what it is or isn’t. If trousers make you more confident and comfortable, by all means do. However, if you choose to be under any form or authority that doesn’t allow it; stick to the instruction or break off from that group/organization. It doesn’t matter if others are flaunting it or not.

Does it matter to you? If you wear trousers, please let me know if there’s any one thing that could make you stop? Thanks for reading it all. See you in the comments section below!

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