When you are handling your customer service yourself, the last thing you should have is an attitude when dealing with customers. This is because you will encounter a lot of customers who will annoy you so much that you might begin to consider closing down or relocating your business!

Hahaha…have you had such an experience or a near-experience? Then you’ll know that some customers can seem like the devil’s incarnate!

BUT THEN; the customer might not always be right, but the customer is king and you don’t talk to a king with an attitude.

I saw a post on a social media platform sometime ago. A vendor had put up a conversation she had with a potential customer who had been asking “How much?” in her DM for 3 years without making a purchase.

She gave a reply along the lines of “Madam don’t send me messages again until you’re serious about buying”

Funny enough, she had so many comments on that post with people agreeing and praising her for putting the “unserious” potential customer in her place.

Guess what?

None of those comments were from customers but her fellow vendors who had the same line of thought with her.

You don’t have prices up on your page yet you’re furious at customers who always slide into the DM to ask “How much?” 🤦🏻‍♀️

I don’t even want to get started on this because if you are a vendor online or sell any product or service online and your prices are not accessible on your page or profile, then you are in for a shock in this new decade!

If dealing with customers is not your thing, please hire an assistant who can help you out.

Sarcasm or rudeness should never come into play when you are handling customers.

It might seem funny or cool to you but if you are the one buying your products yourself, then by all means.

But if you expect people to feel comfortable enough to pay for your services, then you need to DITCH THE ATTITUDE my darling and make that moneyyyy!


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