Last year, I made a post where I talked about how to treat stomach ulcer permanently and it did really till now. When I wrote that article, my intention was to share a secret that had helped me overcome stomach ulcer. I didn’t realize that there were so many people out there you were going through similar thing; especially since the world is so keen about health and dieting. I was discussing with a friend this morning when someone sent a video of her maid who just got healed of amenorrhoea within hours of administering STC30. I’ll now share with you how to treat it as well.

Amenorrhea is the medical term that describes the stoppage of a woman’s mentrual flow either temporarily or permanently. If you have ever asked or heard people ask questions like: Why is my period not flowing out? Why did my period stop flowing? What can I do or eat to make my menstrual flow start coming out again?; Then please continue reading and share this particular article to every female you know. You never know who might be going through these things.


The first step of being free of this issue is to find out why your menstrual flow stopped flowing and what caused it. Knowing the root cause of a problem is as important as treating it because it helps you make sure that ‘affliction does not arise a second time’, haha.

1. There are natural causes of Amenorrhea and might not necessarily need you to visit a doctor. They include but are not limited to breastfeeding, menopause or occurrence of pregnancy.

2. Other non-natural causes of amenorrhea point to the fact that something is wrong with some organs of the body like the pituitary gland, the ovaries, the uterus or the hypothalamus. Using birth control pills or wrong usage of such could make one’s period flow skip for a few days/months or stop it entirely. Malnutrition which affects the hypothalamus directly is another thing. Eating disorders like bulimas or anorexia can also stop the flow of one’s cycle. This might seem overboard for some but engaging in too much physical activities like exercise can also stop the flow of one’s period. Stress is another huge and hidden factor that affects a woman’s hormones and not only causes amenorrhea but also leads to depression and anxiety. Being underweight or overweight is another factor that shouldn’t be ignored.

Other symptoms of amenorrhea that accompany these factors are hair loss, development of facial hair, increase in volume of facial hair, pelvic pain, milky discharge from the nipples and even headache.


Now that you know why you are possibly experiencing amenorrhea, allow me share this quick testimony that has reassured us that this condition can be treated even without visiting a doctor. Watch the testimony below:

STC30 curing amenorrhea & restored period flow

This is what STC30 looks like: 👇

PLEASE NOTE: The duration of treatment may vary based on how long the condition has been there and the cause. From the testimony, it took less than 24 you for her flow to be restored and the cause of the amenorrhea flushed out as well. For some, it might take a month or more.

STC30 comes in a pack of 15 sachets. Progress will be noticeable within the first week to the 6th week of taking it.

To purchase STC30 and begin treatment, send an email to Ezinne on or send her a WhatsApp message on 07066957936. She is a consultant and will give you further guidance on how you can purchase STC30 and administer it for your healing.

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