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So….guys, It’s been quite a busy week with so many deadlines and it’s been stressful, trust me. But that isn’t what I’m upset about right now. Privacy on social media, especially on WhatsApp, is what I am vexed about and I know and I’m sure you’ll relate to it too.

Here’s how it started:

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I woke up one morning during the week and saw that I had been added to about 3 WhatsApp groups; without my
consent. The first thing I did was to check who the admin of these groups were and it turned out to be that I knew one of them. My first instinct was to leave that particular group but then, I looked at the name and thought to myself, “let me see what he’s up to first”.

As for the two other groups, I had no idea who they were and just like other participants that had been added to the group, I asked for the persons that had added me to the groups, but ‘for where na?’. They refused to answer and people started ‘lefting’ the group (laughs).

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To now add strawberry on the pudding, a guy sent me a ‘hello dear’ private message from one of the anonymous groups.

“hello, plz who are you and how did you get my number?”
“Am Dayo. I got your number from ****** WhatsApp group. I just want us to be special friends”

Hin? ta le l’eyii bayii? E ma gbami ke??? ahh ahn

Jehovah! I didn’t want to sound rude but knowing how sarcastic and annoying my responses can be in times such as this, I just blocked bruh Dayo Abi Bayo jeje before going into the groups to vent my anger. “Nobody should ever try that rubbish again oo. I’m still trying to find out how I got here and one werepe is now chatting me up. Whoever added me here should not try it again oo…ki n to sèpé fùn ènî nàá….mtchewwwww”. I left the group and deleted it Kia Kia.


WhatsApp is too personal for such things abeg. I can understand when such things happen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but bringing it to WhatsApp is so unfair.

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The only time I should have any private chat with anyone is when I give the person my phone number, have known the person from a familiar group and not otherwise. Anything outside that is invasion of privacy and I like mh space. I don’t even want to get started on the thousands of messages you get from these groups even when you choose to ignore them. “Draining battery that I will use to chat with other known persons and groups.

Have you had such encounters of such on WhatsApp? What was your reaction?
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