It’s funny how you start a journey and just keep going. The temptations to stop or start all over is always there, yet you keep going still.

I came in to check up on you all, my beautiful AGJ readers and alas! It was my 3 years anniversary on WordPress. Thanks to WordPress for reminding me because I honestly didn’t remember and didn’t realize that I’m that old on this platform either… Hahaha

Thanks to everyone who has followed me through my journey here, to all of you who subscribed to the blog and newsletter, and to those of you who followed to my YouTube channel as well.

I love you all!

Hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog. I am Cynthia Ukachi E. a.k.a Shuga. An ambivert who loves to talk and share her life's journey in order to impact, educate or entertain. I'm passionate about helping people balance their lives, acting, presenting and organizing events. Abujagirlsjournal is my online diary where I talk about things ranging from motivation, self help tips, relationship talks/advice to events and more. You don't want to miss any of those so go ahead and subscribe to follow for regular updates.


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