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Every young lady always has fantasies about being in a relationship with some amazing guy from wherever. She’s always filled with fantasies about who this guy should be, his looks, what he does, how romantic he should be and so on.

When an average Nigerian lady is asked who her ideal man should be, the first things that comes to mind are; He has to be tall, handsome, responsible, very rich, God-Fearing, must be a helpless romantic, must be physically built (6 packs), fair as the moon……..”Way to go girl…..i think he died two thousand years ago….”. Even  though some have come out to say that they’d rather date older men…especially the married ones.

“Really? I mean, why should i even be….

attracted or attached to a married man?….Oko oloko (Yoruba). I don’t care what their reasons are but …Hell no! I ain’t dating no married man, girl”

At other times, they’ll claim they had no idea he was a married man all through the “forever years” they had been dating…..“wow”.  I wouldn’t say am in this category but I’ve had experiences of dating married men even though these relationships never lasted beyond 2-3 months.

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“Ok….Hold on. Before you start getting ideas into your head; am that kinda girl that would never peck or kiss a man even after the fourth date… got that right. It’s not about playing hard to get really, but I like to be conventional about such matters, but…..(Off the records….’i no be jew girl or JJC oo….hehehe’)”

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Before i share my own experiences, I’ll quickly let you in on how to know if he’s married, no matter how young he looks and without giving away your detective cover…*winks*

How to know if he’s married:

  1. Subconsciously check his left finger, there’s a possibility that he forgot to take off his wedding ring. If it’s not there, the mark which shows that something has been occupying that space will be there.

     2.Check his phone….this doesn’t sound odd, trust me.  Just playfully ask to go through            his music player or video gallery. Look out for his lock screen or screen saver, and          of course, his pictures. There has to be a picture of wifey and his adorable kid(s).

     3. He doesn’t answer his phone after 10pm. Even when he picks up the phone, check               for urgency and tightness in his voice; He’d want to get off the phone and is                           worried about getting caught.

     4. He never wants to take you to his house. When he finally does, you’ll notice his                     kitchen is very tidy; bedroom, well attended to and nails on the wall without pictures               hanging on them (He probably took them down because you were coming).

     5. He moves away from you whenever he wants to answer certain calls. When he                     returns, he’ll claim it was an urgent business call.   “Shouldn’t he be free to answer                 business calls in your presence? Well…..yes, except he’s into some kind shady deals”

“Did i miss anything? let me know if i did…..*smiles*, thanks”

Now to my story on how I dated 3 married men and how it turned out. Just because I want to feel more connection between you and I as i share my experience, so you can listen below:

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  • Oluchi

    For married men that pull out their rings ever so often, you wouldn’t really see a mark on their fingers to indicate a ring space though. Where I’m at, the west, it’s incredible the number of married men with kids. And most look barely in their 30s. It’s so easy to miss that they’re married. And when you find out, you might be deep into it already. Sad

    Idle head

    • Shuga

      I know right….one thing I do though, is to try and get a hold of their phone on the first date and look through their gallery. They’re always disappointed when I she’s them the pictures and ask after the wellbeing of their family.

      Thanks for reading, Oluchi. You might want to subscribe to get notifications of new posts

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