Monster Love – 2 | Guest Post

By: Handsome Okwu

Legs wide open, blood on the floor with moans from dying lungs forming the tune. The last flash of moon was with a string of memory.

16 and untold, all the truth, only a heavy heart can bear. What must be done before the circle unfolds?

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For my secret has conceived a child and my child must be
unknown. ‘Out of this abomination could be gold’ – my frail mind told. But the voice of my lover was cold and direct – “get rid of it for it must not grow”.

I hear the doctors voice as I regained slight consciousness. “Hurry! Hurry!!” I looked up to see mama holding on to my love and screaming “My Goodness!!” as he tries to pacify her.

Days had gone and the perfect lie had begun. The story was one that left me wishing I was unborn. Now I am without a womb and my lover had a narrative of me sleeping around and unsure of whom the father of my aborted child is.

What story do I tell?

The truth will ruin my life and home, the lie could save my mum and home. What could I have done differently in another tide for I was only a child and naive with no one to protect.

Where is God!

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Every day, millions of children go through this gruelsome abuse. They are constantly molested by the very ones, supposedly loved ones and guardians, who are supposed to care for them.

What do you do when those people who are supposed to be your guardian angels turn out to be the dreaded monsters and demons who haunt your very soul, even before you are born into the ‘real world’?????

Handsome Okwu E. is a teacher, author, mentor & consultant. He is committed to seeing a reform in the educational sector in Nigeria. He can be reached on Facebook with – Handsomey Okwu.

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