Growing up without a father can have a major effect on guys, especially when it comes to relating with the opposite sex.

The only key ingredient a guy needs to win a lady is Self-Confidence.

Do nice guys still finish last in our time while the bad boys always have their way?

I have heard ladies say they wouldn’t want to date nice guys and would prefer bad boys over them. However, what is their reason for such a choice?

Growing up without a father can have a major effect on a guy as a mum’s advice will always be, “learn to be a nice guy”. As a result of this, the growing lad is unaware is about how to deal with women as a man.

Even after the arrival of the grocery store, cars and iPhone 11 – girls still want what they wanted years ago. And one of the core things that woman look to see in a man and it is a core value is ‘Self-Confidence’.

Ladies don’t always look at the physical strength a man possesses. She’s actually looking at his mental strength. A guy’s self-confidence outweighs any other trait.

Ladies look for a guy with such a trait because they become her shield or cover.

For the ladies, the best way to hide from fear is to stand behind a man with confidence or simply, one with mental strength.

Why do the Bad boys always win?

Bad boys are noted to be filled with confidence because of the way they approach issues. The cool guys, on the other hand, are seen as less confident.

A lady’s definition of a confident guy is quite different from what a man sees. A man with mental strength is firm with his decisions and doesn’t mind the opinions of others.

What is your definition of a confident man?

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