One of the most common words we often get from motivational speakers (and me, sometimes. Haha) is the admonition to always ‘stay away from toxic people’.

It has also become a culture for most people to ‘cut off toxic people’; “bad energy stay far away” – in a singer’s voice. This trend is seen more often during the new years, whilst people are making “new year resolutions” supposedly for their mental health and growth.Have you made such resolutions before? How did it go?I had picked up my jotter in December 2019 to start penning down my new year goals and resolutions as usual when I suddenly stopped and asked myself; as I looked through my contact list and mind list (you know, those people you know but don’t exactly have their phone numbers stored in your phone 😁).A question came to mind.”Why are there always toxic people around me? After cutting the ones around me off, how is it that I still end up with the same kinds of people at the end of the day (or year)?”Would you like to know what I found out?Then watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comment section as well

Reasons Why Toxic People Are Always Around You

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