Recap: Skinny Girls In Transit S4 Ep 1

Guys…’s back! Yay….

Went checking YouTube to find something interesting to watch/keep me busy and I saw that it was out already. Like….NdaniTV’s “Skinny Girls In Transit Season 4 (Happy Beginnings) is Out”. I was so excited about it. I watched it and can’t wait to share it with you.

If you’ve been following the series, you’ll remember that the last episode of season three ended with Tiwa (Abimbola Craig) finally consenting to be Mide’s girlfriend & girl, it was more than we ever expected, right? (laughs)

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This new one started with Tiwa being “hit on” by a random guy while she was out jogging in the morning. Trust her now,
she just dashed the guy’s hopes against the tarred road even before he was done with the introductions….but that’s why we love her right? The way she ‘curves’ these guys ehn….hehehe.  Tiwa headed back home to prepare for work and mehn…..she really glowed up; her hair, makeup, lashes, dress and at first I thought to myself, “who goes on a date first thing in the morning na….”
Well, not until her mum (Ngozi Nwosu) started teasing about how she was going to get married soon unlike her younger sister, the ever sexy Shalewa (Sharon Ooja).
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Mama Tiwa kept teasing too about this dream she had where Tiwa got wedded all……(well, after pleading relentlessly for Tiwa to at least, start dating, one would expect that marriage would be the new goal for her). And of course, Wosilat the maid was there to entertain us with her grammar. Like when she said “mummy break the bread and I cook the food” (I really laughed at this too)
Back at the radio station, there’s a new MD and those lashes i saw on her ere really hot. Well, madam MD was down to business only because immediately Tiwa introduced herself, the first response she got from the MD was the news of a scandal making rounds in town about an OAP who was having an affair with a married musician. She made threats about whoever it would turn out to be and Tiwa, like the angel that she has always been, pleaded that the culprit be suspended for a while instead of being fired. And of course too, that became the topic on show for the day.

But then who is the OAP behind the scandal?

Well, there’s only one area mama who delivers on such need this and trust me, dear, she delivered. You still remember Didi, right? (BBNaija’s Bisola Aiyeola) Yeah….that’s area mama.

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The episode was drawn to a end with Mide and Tiwa going on a date after work (You should see how loved up they were even though Mide kept acting all ‘insecure’ about the thought of ‘anyone’ not being nice to his baby girl, Tiwa). 
Mama Tiwa was disappointed when Tiwa came back home without ‘the ring’ on her finger. We really can’t get enough of our Nigerian mothers Abi?

Skinny Girl in transit was directed by Bunmi Ajakaiye and co-written by Damilola Elebe.

I really enjoyed it. Click here to watch the full episode – SKINNY GIRL IN TRANSIT S4 EP 1

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