Relatable Reasons Why Nigerians Want Personal Cars

“Who no like better thing?”

“Nobody wan carry suffer for head oo”

So……if you’re Nigerian and you grew up here, I’m sure you can relate to those words or you’ve probably used them yourself.

Everyone likes to be happy and would want all the good things of life to themselves. We desire to enjoy the luxuries of life such as owning your own “built” home without the thoughts of paying house rent to anyone, owning your own car(s), having enough money to take you anywhere you want to go to in the world. (I want these things too)

One thing actually tickles the fancy of most Nigerians no matter how bouyant or not we are, and that is owning your own car.

I laughed all through the day  after reading the
comments of most people on Twitter when asked why they need a car. Hilarious….yes but I can totally relate to all of them (Most Lagosians will relate to them too)and can’t wait to get my own car too.

Attention: Excuse Me…..Social Media Begging Is Justified?

“Yes ooo. Ikeagwulam, am tired already of hopping from one taxi or bus to the other. Hian! I didn’t come to this world to suffer”

Here some pictorial reasons why Nigerians have said they need their personal cars:

Truly hilarious, right? I need a car for all of these reasons. Why do you need a car right now? Let me know in the comment section below:

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