There is fire on the mountain, run, run, run
A big big fire…….

Hahaha…..if you’ve been following the ‘Rumour Has It’ series on NdaniTV then you know that the drama in this show is so intriguing and mind blowing. Episode 5 of season 2 just went live and it had me screaming like……….. “O di gobe” (it has turned to trouble) hehe.
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As usual, the choice of music was amazing and in the right synchronization with each scene. The  picture quality was awesome too. Well, it’s NdaniTV so we couldn’t have expected anything less.

The drama and action started right from the beginning where Dolapo, in her ever amazing fashion sense, was about entering her car when
a passerby notified her that she had a flat tyre. Whilst she was still trying to ask for directions on how to find a vulcanizer, guess who appeared from the nowhere? 

Femi! Who else but Femi? OMG! I was mad Dolapo’s behalf, guys. Like…..what is really wrong with this guy oooo? You be winch?

He even had the effrontery to open her boot, picked out tools and was already bending down to fix the tyre when she saw him. “Oversabi can worry some people sha…..”

From Dolapo’s reaction, you could tell that she just wished she could disappear but wait, this was just

the beginning of the mind blowing events that took place in this episode.
Then there was our Mr Romantic, Charles, Ranti’s new boyfriend. Guess what? Guess na…..you self…. “Breeze don blow, fowl yash don open”  

If you’re curious to know what happened then you should watch it asap. Hehe..

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For the big one: Dolapo is pregnant! You read it right, (nods in agreement) yeah, she’s pregnant at last but with all the Femi-wahala & cheating sprees, I don’t think it’s her husband’s. 

And to crown it all guys, with the mixed feelings about who the father of her baby is, Dolapo gets home to meet another bombshell!!!!

Abujabirlsjournal, Rumour has it season 2 episode 5, Abuja lifestyle blog 2018, top Abuja entertainment blog, NdaniTV movie series 2018, viral videos Nigeria
This episode is loaded, really loaded. I still don’t know how NdaniTV is always able to compress these dramas into a 17mins clip.

And I’m already salivating to know what’s about to happen next.

Who’s excited about this? 😬😬😬
Watch the series here….enjoy it

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