Okay, I’m sure that the first thing that came to your mind when you saw this title ‘Sexy bodies & rotten souls’ was how weird it sounds. But hey, I’m not here to tell you how to be  rotten souls or sexy bodies either. Rather, I want us to dissect this phenomenon and see how much justice can be done to it.

If  you were asked to define a rotten soul, what would be the first thing to pop in your mind?…….For me, my sarcastic instincts came alive and I thought of “souls that are rotten” (hahaha….amusing right?). It’s literally what it means. A rotten soul or souls or personality.

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I came across a statement on social media which suggested that most beautiful ladies are ugly within and I kept asking myself over and over again, why that person would make such statement. It was even more disturbing because so many people who agreed with it either
liked or shared the post and there were thousands of them.

It’s really pleasurable to have you on the blog today. Hope you’re doing great? If it’s your first time on the blog then here’s a kiss from me, saying a big WELCOME to you. We’re glad to have you as part of our family here on AGJ.

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Society has put so much pressure on you and I to the point that we have now thrown caution to the wind. No one cares about morality or decency, not even sanctity. We’ve lost the true beauty of our culture as Africans and we don’t seem to care; as long as we are, as individuals, comfortable and pull through each day. We don’t care if the heavens fall from the sky, as long as it doesn’t happen in our generation.

This post is mainly focused on women since they bear most of the brunts in the society and must be what the society wants them to be. Most women have, of course, succumbed to be just what their friends, family and society want them to be. Attention has been shifted from gaining good knowledge, moral and sense of responsibility to dressing up according to stage theatrics of our modeled celebrities, glorifying physical appearance, competing for men and marriage, which is all aimed at gaining vain approval of the people around.

And all at the expense of who you truly are, what your purpose is and how much value you’d want to be remembered for.

When I was in the university, the most popular statements I usually heard from “potential graduates and leaders of tomorrow” were: “It’s because Kelvin said he wants to marry a graduate, if not I won’t be here wasting my time like this” or “my parent are insisting that I must study Pharmacy” or “I just want to get the certificate for getting sake. All my friends are in school and I don’t want to be left out”. I could go on and on and on.

On several occasions, I’ve tried to hold intelligent conversations with fellow ladies but they get uncomfortable or upset and would rather talk about the latest fashion styles and accessories, boy-talk (yeah…..we do that a lot too), sexual adventures and other value-less topics. Little wonder why men now complain that women always have nothing to bring to the table. We know there are good girls out there but the wrong crate of eggs always gets a fair share of the smear from one broken egg.

abujagirlsjournal, rotten souls, sexy bodies, dual personality, double-minded, hypocrites, abuja bloggers 2018,

f you’re reading this right now and you’re a lady, you need to start placing value on yourself, not just by being decent or moderate in your dressing, but by getting positively involved in the world around you; learn a skill or skills, read books, attend seminars/conferences, take online courses. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that You’re adding value to lives around you or in whatever place you find yourself. The measure you give to life is the same measure with which it will reciprocate.

Let’s put an end to the constant negativism that is always attributed to us. Let’s be better women. Let’s be world changers not just face painters.

I’ll rest my case here but not until I’ve heard your own opinion on this. Your opinion is worth more and matters most here. What do you say?

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