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I’m glad to be welcoming you to another interesting time on abujagirlsjournal and truly, I am itching to tell you what happened some days back. But then, I trust that you’ve been doing great, yeah
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So while Nigeria was celebrating her 57th independence, I was just laying on my bed praying not to hear
sounds of people screaming or gunshots (I was Igbo & the whole world knew about the ultimatum given to the Igbos by Arewa youths). My girlfriend, Bidemi called and asked that I accompany her  to the salon to get her pedicure done and I gladly accepted because I was finally going to fix my nails which I had been procrastinating while suggesting for our other friend, Nikky to be tagged along. We agreed to meet at the salon.

While waiting for our turns (we wouldn’t have been worried even if we sent the whole day there…..), we started talking about the Biafra issue and other things too as was trending until we got to the issue of people who were either gay, lesbian or straight.

Nikky made a reference to a Nollywood movie where a woman got to find our that her spouse of over seven years was gay. And while we were still trying to share the shock and sympathize with the lady, Bidemi threw a huge bombshell.

She could have sex with a man and a woman alike.

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(Ehn?…..what is this one saying?… better be joking Bidemi)

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Truth is, she wasn’t and at this point I’m sure you don’t need anyone to tell you how flabbergasted everyone was. (As for me, I was shocked, dumbfounded even flabberbusted too oo….who would have thought that………)
I had to make a research about bisexuals (never knew they could real so…..) and here’s what I found out:
Bisexuals are people who are attracted to both genders (male & female) alike, not just because they are fanatics or have a hard time deciding, but they were born that way. Yes. They are people who are capable of falling in love with anyone irrespective of their sex.
They are not always hermaphrodites (having male and female reproductive organs) but will still have sex with you  whether you’re straight, gay or a lesbian. It’s no big deal to them.
They are usually generalized as “gays” or “lesbians” but on the contrary, they’re actually very different from those other categories and could get offended when classified as such.
Truth is, is really difficult to change who you are. You can choose to  deny the attraction, but not change.
When a bisexual enters a committed  relationship, they naturally would still be attracted to both genders but “can” choose not to act on those attractions for the sake of their spouse. That is, a bisexual man can decide to stop acting on his feelings for other men and focus on being with a woman that he truly lives.

Attention: Unappreciation | Reflection

My opinion:
I don’t think it can be cured scientifically or spiritually either. They should stop acting on the thoughts of having anything intimate to do with people of same sex. It should be seen as temptation and temptations can be overcome.
“Feed what you want and starve what you don’t want”
What’s your take on this….what would you do if you found out that your best friend, lover or spouse is bisexual? Your feedback will be highly appreciated..

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