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Have you ever heard someone say reading sucks? Yes? No? Well, I’ve heard so many people say different things about it, but what did YOU say you heard about reading? Personally, I’ve always been an ardent reader of anything, just name it. At a time, everyone around me thought I was crazy. I’d pick up every tiny piece of paper I saw even on the road, brush off the sand just to read what was written on it. 

It seemed crazy at the time yet you must know that reading is one of the best thing that can ever happen to a human being. And I’m going to be telling you why and how in this post so just keep reading…

“It is what you read when you don’t have to, that determines who you will be when you can’t help it”

The kind of reading we’re talking about here is not the type you read out of compulsion – in school (because you have to pass your exams) or at work (so that you can understand the ethics, policy and standard of your organization). No. That’s not it. This article refers to the one you do by yourself, in your quest for knowledge, entertainment, motivation or even power!

THE FIRST THING you need to understand is that reading is personal. An individual’s reading bud (like….taste buds, you understand?) can change overtime. Take for example, when I was little, I’d read ANYTHING that is written irrespective of its content. I wasn’t being intentional about it at all. As naive as I was, I just wanted to read! I was just a cute little curious savant. Then one day, I came across an aunt’s novel. It was a Mills & Boons series…… can’t remember the name now. I read it, asked for more and that was how I started my journey into romance and crime novels. I particularly loved my James Hardley Chase novels. He sure knew the perfect way to intertwine romance into crime/intelligence stories coupled with the intense suspense that followed you through to the end of each of his novel. 

As soon as I was graduating from senior secondary school, I had read virtually all the romance, crime and intelligence novels that I came across. I started to yearn for something else since I was already used to the plot of novels, especially as a literally student too. I started reading literature novels, then motivational books and right now, I crave to study spiritual books a whole lot. 
So you see, as you continue to read, you get to a time when your personality changes as a result of the kind of books you read. Also, as you begin to strive for growth and development, the taste of the books you read will change as well, to suit who you are in the present.

“I am a product of reading. It has taken me beyond the level I used to be. i have been able to discover the potentials I never knew I had within me especially when I delve into the thoughts of great scholars even without seeing them. It has greatly shaped my life and how I interact with people”.                                           – Uneke Great

Another FACTOR that influences the kind of books that an individual chooses to read is GENDER.  Men and women tend to have varying reading taste buds. Men are more likely to read history, biographies & memoirs, science & fiction (all of which I find verryyyyyy boringgggg……..’*rolls eyes* and flips hair backwards’……next please). Women, on the other hand, tend to prefer mystery, thriller & crime, romance and other kind of fictions (excluding the ones that the men love…..hahaha.) Do you agree with this? Can We Now Talk About How Reading Affects One’s Personality? Hehehe….okay, I thought as much!


So, sometime last year, I was on the quest for success. Material success (who doesn’t want this please? *winks*). I needed to know the secret behind it all and at the time, I was opportune to meet a billionaire in my city (he hates being referred to as one. Would rather be seen as ‘blessed by God). I fixed an appointment with him and got to ask him several questions. And he said just one thing. READ. Cynthia, read! I was shocked because it was the least thing I expected to hear from him. He saw the surprise on my face yet maintained that all he did was read, then apply the ‘genuine’ principles he got while reading. 


“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads”.                                         – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are some basic facts about reading that you need to understand:

1.      It increases your memory. This is because by remembering the events, characters and message from the books you read, your mental capacity is enlarged. You’ll find that the more you read, the more you are able to retain information at heart.

2.     It increases your knowledge-base. The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to face the challenges and realities of life.

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3.      It gives you peace. There are people who like to read as a form of relaxation. It helps to put you in the right frame of mind. It douses tension and brings therapeutic relief to the human mind. Reading, thus, is a form of exercise for the mind. (So when next are you taking your mind to the gym?)

4.       Reading consistently builds your vocabulary. Now you know the secret of that Nigerian man, Patrick something (pardon me) who speaks using really ambiguous words that are always hard to comprehend. It helps you to expand your vocabulary. Another sure way to tap into this is to always have a pen and notebook close to you while reading. Try writing down every new word you come across and search out their meanings, synonyms and antonyms later.

“Ever since I started inculcating the reading culture into my life, I have been able to overcome fear – of inferiority complex and intimidation. My life is now reformed, enlightened and I’ve been able to correct several mistakes in my life”.                             – Pastor Lucky O.

5.       Reading will also help you improve your communication skills.  You’ll find that you are able to express yourself better, logically and sensibly. Moreso, you will be able to also enhance your oral and written ability.

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6.       It helps you to analyze and understand things better. Your thought process is enhanced and this will make it easier for you to understand not just yourself, but others better.

No wonder! Avid readers always have a great personality and are respected all the time. 
N.B: These changes or improvements don’t change in one day. It happens overtime and changes your perspective, attitude and opinion about yourself and towards others as well.

Do you read books? How often do you read? What is/are your favorite genre(s)? How many books do you plan to read this year and how many have you read already?

       I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions below. They’re definitely going to be of immense help to me and other AGJ readers!                                



Hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog. I am Cynthia Ukachi E. a.k.a Shuga. An ambivert who loves to talk and share her life's journey in order to impact, educate or entertain. I'm passionate about helping people balance their lives, acting, presenting and organizing events. Abujagirlsjournal is my online diary where I talk about things ranging from motivation, self help tips, relationship talks/advice to events and more. You don't want to miss any of those so go ahead and subscribe to follow for regular updates.


  • Toyosi

    So I didn’t grow up around books, but because of my curiosity and quest for self development , I have become a book lover.Although lately I tend more towards audio books because life has become more busy with kids and other life demands….But truth is the benefit of reading books cannot be overemphasized at all..
    Well done

    • Shuga

      Girl, that’s lovely. I particularly don’t enjoy audio books as much but I’m glad you are bent on improving yourself!

  • Shuga

    Girlll…that implementing part is what I’m pushing myself to work on o.

    You should try more crime novels too.
    I’m currently reading my 4th book for the year – marriage and family by Barbara Riggs and Cynthia Benn. Just finished reading boundaries in dating. If you’d like to see it, I can send the eBook to you!

    Thanks for reading, Amaka. Remember to subscribe to AGJ newsletter for more

  • Phaytea’s Pulse

    After university, I really just got tired of reading and took a long break from reading serious book… I read more online content and it was lighter for me.

    I’m trying to revive my love for paper back book now as e-books have been my companion for a while.

    I love to read, especially if it’s relatable, informative and very descriptive. It helps my imagination, broadens my thought process and a meaningful way to spend your time.

    I feel like once I start buying paper back books again, I won’t be able to stop myself. It can get tempting


  • Amaka

    Who knew an article on reading would be interesting! I think where I go wrong is reading but not taking notes or implementing especially when it comes to those motivational and self help books, I’ll definitely have to improve on that otherwise I’ll always leave feeling like I wasted my precious time. Reading is awesome – I love my fiction, and you’re right, your tastes change over time. I used to be so into romance but now I’m more open I guess – never read a crime novel until the other day when I read “My Sister the Serial Killer” by Oyinkan Braithwaite. What book are you currently reading?


    • Shuga

      Girlll…that implementing part is what I’m pushing myself to work on o.

      You should try more crime novels too.
      I’m currently reading my 4th book for the year – marriage and family by Barbara Riggs and Cynthia Benn. Just finished reading boundaries in dating. If you’d like to see it, I can send the eBook to you!

      Thanks for reading, Amaka. Remember to subscribe to AGJ newsletter for more

  • Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

    I like the points you put down about what reading can do. Personally, I don’t like reading. I feel it’s stressful but somehow, I realize that to move forward and improve yourself, you just have to read, you really just can’t help it.

    So part of my new year plan is to read one book every month for the 12 months. So far, it’s going well.

    When it comes to reading, I prefer human behavior books, self-help and money wisdom kind of books.


    • Shuga

      Wow…I wish you goodluck on the reading plan!

      You must be highly loaded up there and full of so much to learn from indeed!

  • Debbrah Maxwell

    I grew up with books around me basically because my dad sells them so anything that seemed attractive to me, I picked up and read. I even used to fight with my mum when she took a book I started reading and I’d have to wait for her to finish. Long story short after a while, I lost interest. But now I’m picking up with reading like I used to. Reading has actually helped with my vocabulary and construction of sentences.
    I wrote a review recently though on a book I read this month and plan to do so on a monthly basis.
    The link is

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