The Swedish Snus is a moist powdered variety of the regular dry snuff which is majorly consumed by elderly people especially in various parts of Africa. In a previous post, I had shared with you a brief history of Snus dating back to the 18th century.

But have you ever wondered what it tastes like? Yes? Then keep reading to find out!

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Asides from being moist, the Swedish Snus is also smokeless when compared to regular cigarettes. It is placed under the upper lip. It doesn’t necessarily demand for spitting as some other variants would do. It actually is steam-pasteurized though a process that removes impurities and allows the snus to always be fresh.

The Swedish Snus began to gain popularity in the United States as it was now seen as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, chewing/dipping/sniffing tobacco


The Swedish Snus is different from other types of snus because it is usually sweetened and flavored using fruity flavors such as juniper berry, bergamot, citrus, lime, licorice, apple, blueberry and even melon

Unlike cigarettes, it is smokeless. What this means is that it does not have smoke like the regular cigar and as such it proposes a lower risk to the health of the smoker.

As against cigarettes, there are lesser chance of passing through stroke, heart diseases, lumg cancer, mouth cancer and as much as bronchitis.

It’s ability to not to be spat out of the mouth unlike snuff and tobacco makes + the flavors added to it, allows the user to be able to swallow it.

However, Snus can go bad just as snuff or any other form of tobacco can get spoilt. This is not to say that it cannot be preserved to last longer. In order to preserve it for a much longer time, at least a year, it is advised that the snus be frozen in a refrigerator.

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