Who Will Save The Next Generation?

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Too many questions are running through my mind as I pen down this post right now and forgive me, you must, as I do not have the enthusiasm for the ceremonial ‘hey guys, welcome to my blog and so on’ greetings.

Sometimes, I wonder what our generation really did? Where did we go wrong? Why does it seem like things are or might get worse instead of better?

I remember those days when I was very little; a sweet innocent girl who only saw beauty, roses and all the goodness of the world I had been born into.
My favorite memories from childhood included playing ‘daddy & mommy’ games, where I always loved to cook grass mixed with sand & used stones as vegetables while ‘daddy’ drove his car to work to get money for me to take to market to buy the household needs. I cherished those moments when I, my friends and siblings would run around the compound singing those songs we….
had learnt in Sunday school and those nursery rhymes that we were taught by our adorable teachers and caregivers (smiles tenderly). What sweet memories! There were times too when all we did was to sit in front of the television watching our all time favorite cartoons such as tom & jerry, teletubbies, pinky & the brain, barney & friends, Flintstone, Dexter & Deedee (surely, you know these and more…). I don’t even want to go into the chronicles of the local games like ‘ten ten, boju boju o o, suwe, mr macaroni riding on a bicycle’.

abujagirlsjournal-who-will-save-the-next-generation-motivational blogger,  top abuja bloggers 2017, motivational article, the next generation
Those days when our knowledge of sex only referred to the genders, head was just a part of our body, pussy was a local way of calling cats.
Our parents were concerned about what we watched, said and did. We can beat our chests as we attribute our moral senses to those glorious childhood days.
But I fear for this generation, most especially the generation to come. I fear for the legacies we are leaving behind for them. No thanks to the rate at which the society is becoming more technological, with increased participation in social media and the struggle of trying to meet up with trends and all.
I stumbled on some pictures on twitter lately and it’s the reason why my heart is sooo heavy. See for yourself:
abujagirlsjournal-who-will-save-the-next-generation-motivational blogger,  top abuja bloggers 2017, motivational article, the next generation, children indulged in sexual activities, child sex, child abuse, disadvantages of technology

who will save the next generation, abujagirlsjournal, abuja bloggers 2017

Who is to take the blame for this rot that has already started budding? Are we going to blame ourselves, their parents, their guardians or teachers? Or probably, it’s technology; social media, television, movies, modern music videos?

Oh….I know!

We’d say it’s the government (laughs bitterly), yes….they are the ones who always take the blame. They’re the reason why we have no jobs, why our roads are bad, why our educational system is nothing to write home about. It’s because of them that the aboki at the end of the street couldn’t open his shop today. Perhaps too, they’re the possible reasons why we had constipation last week and had to take drugs to relieve ourselves……


What do we do? How do we start doing it? When are we going to start? What kind of future or environment do we envision for our offsprings? A perverted one? (Of course, you’d say no).

My question is: If we are all saying away from our responsibilities, ‘Who Will Save The Next Generation????????’

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